Emergency Spring Salmon Regulations

At the April Fish & Game Commission meeting in Sacramento, the commissioners accepted a petition for listing the Spring Chinook salmon as a threatened species, thus causing an Emergency Regulation for Spring Chinook Salmon. 
(1) NO fishing for Spring Chinook Salmon in the Klamath River Basin. This was printed in the Supplemental Regulation book for fishing for Spring Chinook Salmon. Because of the listing California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) had to make an Emergency Regulation (2) for Spring Chinook Salmon fishing for the Klamath River Basin. (2) Spring Chinook Salmon fishing regulation; 1 salmon per day, no more than 2 in possession. (This means adults and jacks) At the present time this emergency Regulation is in the process of being reviewed by the office of California Administrative Law and should be published by THIS weekend. Please call the Regulation HOT LINE 1-800-564-6479 for varication.  

I am sorry about not having a full fishing report but I have been working on the 45th “Kids Fish Lake Fishing Derby”. This was my 20th year of helping to sponsor and put on this event for the “Kids of Eastern Humboldt”. It has been held up at Fish Lake every year and this year it was Saturday June 22, 2019. Even though we only had 75 participants the tournament was great. There were several large hold-over trout registered in the event and winning the first place of that division but most of the trout caught were this year’s planters. The grand prize was a large mouth bass that was 17-1/2 inches and weighed just over 3lb. Not bad, because I have never seen a bass caught at Fish Lake that large.   

Fishing: Fishing for trout and steelhead in the lower river has started to improve. It should only get better as the river flows drop down to summer water flows. Summer Flows won’t be reached until 1200 pm August 6, 2019. I know this is much later in the summer than normal but there was so much snow pack up in the Trinity Alps that the water run-off will last that long. The summer run of steelhead is just about over but with the fish releases moving through the lower river and with more bugs and fly hatches coming about there should be some good action on the Lower Trinity. 

Mid-Klamath: The Klamath at Weitchpec is still flowing at a very good rate but one can find some places to fish from the bank.

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