Trinity River Fishing Report

Provided by Confluence Outfitters, Fly Fishing Guides

A Weekly Report on Fishing Conditions on the Trinity River

Written by E. B. Duggan

This Week’s Fishing Report


Sorry to have been gone so long. I had surgery and was unable to use the computer. I appreciate that all of my readers missed the fishing report so I will try to catch up now.    First off, I am sure that all of you have been reading about the water releases and the down flow of the water to the Trinity River so I will try not to bore you with more about the water releases. At least review the need for such high releases when there is so much water flows below the Dam. (Adaptive Management?)To start off I…

Trinity River Fishing Report Archives

River is running high; Lake is low

Trinity Lake is just ove rone third of capacity when it should be filling up! WHY? Because Bureau of Reclamation is waiting for parts to repair the tube that supplies water to the power plan. Why weren’t these parts discovered when…

Spring has Sprung

On Monday, Spring arrived and we are looking at new growth all around us. As I look out the window, I see the fruit trees starting to bud and tiny green leaves sprouting on the trees in the forest. The…

And More Winter Weather Coming

  The Bureau of Reclamation will still be releasing winter releases from Trinity Dam into the Trinity River until March 14, 2023. March 5th 6th there will be a bump up in the release 800cfs so flows will be going back up again….

Winter Weather Coming

 Sorry I missed last week’s publications as I had a medical problem and was not able to type.The Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) with the Trinity Management Council (TMC) have agreed to the augmentation of a Winter Flow for the Trinity…

Why are we not trying to store more water?

 With the storms we have had, why is the California Department of Water Resources going to release 60,000Af of water from Trinity Dam into the Trinity River? Because it is that time when TRRP has decided, ( May I note;…

Winter Steelhead are being caught

Winter steelhead were being caught before the rains came in the Lower Trinity. The rains came and the rivers raised which made fishing harder. Before the rains the lower river was a bit high but coming into good fishing condition.   …