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Trinity River Fishing Report

written by
E. B. Duggan, phone: 530-629-3554,

Good Fish’en and Good Luck but remember:
“Keep your tip up with a tight line lands fish.”

  • Possible Options for In-River Sports Fishing
    Because of the COVID 19 virusthe PFMC meeting in Vancouver Washington has been changed to a webinar type of meeting so it is going to be hard to get public input for us In-River Sports Fishermen. I am trying to contact some of my old contacts I used to meet with when I attended the … Read more
  • PFMC options for Klamath River Basin (Trinity)
    The first results for PFMC Options for this coming salmon season are out for review. You can go to or to review what they might be. I have not seen the 3 Options yet so I will not comment as to what is going to happen. I do hope that the PFMC does not cancel the March … Read more
  • Klamath River Basin Salmon in Dire Straits
    Over the past 20 to 30 years, I have attended many of the Klamath Fisheries Management Council (KFMC now federally sunset) Pacific Fisheries Management Council (PFMC) National Fisheries Management Service (NFMS) California Department Fish and Game Commissioners meetings plus being on the Trinity Adaptive Management Working Group (TAMWG part of the TRRP) for over 16yrs plus … Read more
  • Will there be a salmon season?
    As you know, I attended the salmon meeting in Sana Rosa last Thursday February 27th. It was very enlightening and the prognosis was not very good for the Klamath River Basin In-River Sports Fishermen. The beginning estimate for In-River Sports Fishing for the Klamath River Basin was 900 to a 1,000 returning fall salmon to be split … Read more
  • Is winter over?
     I am already seeing daffodils blooming, big leaf maple trees with sap flowing and fruit tree buds swelling. These are all signs of spring. SOOO, I ask again “Is winter over”? It has been suggested that we are going into a drought again because of the snow pack in the sierras is so low for … Read more
  • Winter Steelhead Fishing Fair
    Winter steelhead fishing is fair to good depending on when the fish are moving up the Trinity. I have received phone calls about why the steelhead and salmon fishing are so bad this season. One of the major problems this year is that the ocean conditions were so bad this last year. The conditions were … Read more
  • Winter Steelhead Fishing Picking Up
    This weekend was Super Bowl and I would expect that many of you were watching the game instead of fishing and that is ok but winter steelhead fishing is here and the Trinity River is dropping daily which is a good sign that fishing will get better than it has been. This coming week is … Read more
  • The creeks they are arising
    January usually brings weather! What kind is the question? According to the National Weather Service we are supposed to see a break in the weather this next week. Because of the rain that is melting the snowpack most of the creeks feeding the Trinity are flowing very good but are starting to drop which allows … Read more
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