About Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce

The Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce (WCCC) is a nonprofit organization established for the benefit of its members in 1958. The Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce strives to support and advance the economic development of local businesses, promote Humboldt County tourism, and support social sustainability while maintaining and enhancing our community’s unique rural lifestyle

About the Board

The board positions are voted on once a year, in December, and anyone interested in serving the local community is welcome to participate! In the meantime, why not join us at one of our monthly board meetings? They are held on the last Wednesday of each month beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Humboldt Land Company office, 39008 HWY 299, Willow Creek. Everyone is welcome to attend, and we encourage your input as we strive to make positive changes for our community.

Meet the Board

Meet the hard-working and dedicated volunteers who make up the Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce Board. They are local citizens, just like you, who love this area and strive to bring out the best in all they do.

Shannon Hughes, President

Shannon Hughes has lived in Humboldt County for 20 years and moved to Willow Creek in 2010. She has been both an employee and owner of multiple small businesses in the last 13 years in Willow Creek and loves being an active community member and volunteer. Shannon is committed to helping Willow Creek flourish into the future and is proud to live in the Bigfoot Capital of the World!

Riley Morrison, Vice President

Tangie Markle, President Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce

Tangie Markle, Secretary

Being born and raised in Humboldt County, I developed a sense of community and eagerness to support our local community. The best way I know to do that is to be part of the Chamber of Commerce and have served as either Board President or Board member since 2008. As Broker and Owner of Humboldt Land Company Real Estate I feel even more driven to help our community thrive by being a part of the Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce.

Lauren Stack, Treasurer

Lauren has lived in Humboldt since 2014 and moved to Willow Creek in 2020. She has held many jobs in different industries. Her most important job is Mom to her nine year old son. Lauren is a local bookkeeper who enjoys all the beauty and fun , and even most of the challenges, of rural living. Along with serving on the Chamber of Commerce, Lauren is active with other local non-profits and many local events. As a newer community and Willow Creek Chamber member, she wants to see Willow Creek and its surrounding community thrive in the coming years and is honored to be part of the process.

Colin Adams, Board Member

Florentina Marie Jones, Board Member


Jessica Markowitz, Board Member


Art Tonkin, Alternate Board Member