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Dream Quest – Willow Creek Youth Partnership

Dream Quest’s provides youth with vocational and creative opportunities to imagine and build their dreams. Dream Quest is a grassroots nonprofit organization established in 2001 by community members. Check out our Thrift Store. All Proceeds Support Dream Quest Youth Programs! Dream Quest offers a wide range of youth programs to our rural community six days a week. Opportunities include: the inclusive teen and youth centerperforming artsDemonstration Permaculture Gardenwater safetyyouth vocation, leadership and enterprise projectsOutdoor Empowerment Program,Garden to Teen Program,StepUP vocational programAgents of Change: Good Works and Fun Trips. We encourage youth to make healthy choices and adopt sustainable lifestyles, to become involved in their community, and pursue their dreams. Dream Quest has provided over 166,000 youth service hours since its creation. Dream Quest is a 501(c) non-profit organization located in Willow Creek, California

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Willow Creek Volunteer Fire Department

This is an all volunteer Fire Department that responds to fires and other emergencies in our area.

We are actively recruiting volunteers. Contact James Lasell at (530) 629-2229

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