Emerald Family Farms

Respect the land. Respect the people. Respect the plant.

That’s our code of conduct in Humboldt County. Emerald Family Farms was created in an effort to protect these core values of the cannabis movement, and to ensure that these values are the guiding principles of the new legal cannabis industry.

Our goal at Emerald Family Farms is to provide high quality, clean, and affordable cannabis products that have been created without sacrificing either our commitment to strong environmental standards or our passion for social justice. Our ownership team has decided to proceed forward in an effort of conscientious capitalism, a way of doing business that acknowledges the necessity of profit, but does not prioritize profit over underlying values.

Why tell our story? Though the cannabis customer’s first concern is the quality of the product they are purchasing, we believe that customers also care about the values that drive their decisions. We are a company whose roots are deep in the soil of Humboldt County, whose growth is dependent on farmers with years of commitment to skilled cannabis cultivation. We believe that our origins can provide a product that will never be matched by competitors whose roots exist solely in the barren soil of profit-seeking and venture capitalism.

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Categories: Cannabis

Cultivation and Manufacturing

130 Flower McNeil Road
Willow Creek, CA 95573 USA

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(707) 630-5049 (Main)

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