Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce  is your source for:
Business Referrals
Community Resources

The Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce promotes business success and the economic, civic and social welfare of the people of the Klamath/Trinity area and the Willow Creek area especially.

Our information booth is located at the intersection of Highways 299 and 96 behind the Don Cave Memorial and the Bigfoot statue.

Our booth, website and telephone information network communicate with tens of thousands of individuals and businesses annually providing fishing, rafting and other recreational opportunities, lodging and restaurant referrals, and informational brochures, maps, and displays emphasizing our many attractions and resources.

The Chamber is the first resource for inquiries from the public into commerce, history, resources, and opportunities whether they are agricultural, mineral, industrial, horticultural, commercial, climatic, artistic, musical or dramatic in the eastern Humboldt and western Trinity Counties.

How membership in the chamber will benefit you:

Give you an active voice in the affairs of our community – join us for Board Meetings on the last Wednesday of each month at Community Services District in Willow Creek. Meetings start at 8:30 a.m.

Help the Chamber fulfill its mission by joining the board.

Broadcast your commercial message to the people who are most interested.

Avail of regular referrals to your business or services.

Avail of information distribution about you, your business u0026amp;/or services to the public through our information networks

Create an web presence for you through your own business listing on our web site.

Submit events for inclusion in our online event calendar.

Allow you to participate in a growing community catering to an ever increasing demand for products and services in the Willow Creek area

Provide you access to a network of community organizations that can facilitate your exposure to the  public and to activities and events to enhance your personal and economic success

Email with your events and announcements and for changes to your business listing.

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